La Chat - Da Hood HomeGirl (Da Album) [2008]

quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2008


Ta ai o ultimo album da monstrinha La chat.. q mais parece o Chamillionarie de cabelo kkkkkkkk....


1. Intro [Explicit] 2:40 $0.99
2. Bad Bitch [Explicit] 3:21 $0.99
3. On Da Block [Explicit] 4:08 $0.99
4. Truth Hurts [Explicit] 4:33 $0.99
5. Da Dope (feat. Lord Infamous) [Explicit] 4:15 $0.99
6. Slob On My Cat II [Explicit] 3:04 $0.99
7. Keep It Moving (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Explicit] 4:43 $0.99
8. Real Recognize Real [Explicit] 4:44 $0.99
9. Do You Dance (feat. Murphy Lee) [Explicit] 4:30 $0.99
10. Ride Wit Me [Explicit] 4:05 $0.99
11. Get Groovy [Explicit] 4:38 $0.99
12. Catch A Murda Charge [Explicit] 5:20 $0.99
13. Keep It Tuck (feat. Criminal Manne & Yung Kee) [Explicit] 3:28 $0.99
14. Help Me [Explicit] 4:32 $0.99
15. Savage [Explicit] 2:47 $0.99
16. Can't Stand Me (feat. Don Trip) [Explicit]

Senha: heriakanil

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